4 LoVE
4 Levels of 5 Elements

This four-day workshop brings new potential for the Touch for Health Kinesiologist, both for personal and practitioner growth. Having a greater understanding and knowledge of the interplay of this energy medicine in everyday life, in the body, in the universe, gives more clues to the meaning of the patterns and connections we observe on the ‘5’ element map. All the underlying principles and concepts are reviewed and some new ones are added.

Learn how to interpret information our clients present to us through their posture, dialogue, meridian patterns and 5 element charts – and their surroundings!!

You will be able to use Finger Modes, assist temperature, stimulation and flow

You will also balance the 4 levels of 5 elements:

  • 1st level Former Heaven and Later Heaven- extraordinary meridians- harmonising soul and incarnation
  • 2nd level Attributes of the Internal Organs- 5 elements within
  • 3rd level Living in the world- dealing with pain, trauma and difficult relationships
  • 4th level Beyond the body – applying the Pa Kua and Feng Shui

*Prerequisite Touch for Health 4
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4 LoVE

£594 *

4-7 March 2020, Swallet Farm Centre, Somerset