A non-medical approach to maintain health,
enhance well-being and maximise potential


Your Personalised Sessions 

We do not treat or diagnose symptoms, but work with the energy, lifestyle and aspirations of the client, offering a safe and effective way to maintain health, enhance well-being and upgrade performance.

Your unique , individual sessions will use manual muscle monitoring to assess your body’s response to certain stimuli – words, foods, a time in your life, a task, a pain , an accident, personal challenge –anything which may cause stress and make it more difficult for you to feel good and achieve.

Releasing old patterns and beliefs will free you to move forward in the direction you choose.


Individual Consultations

Your personal sessions  make assessments to find out what causes stress and upset in your life. Progress is to discover what helps reduce the stress , or allows you to deal with stress more easily and provide this. Your individual sessions will develop using whatever unique resonance helps and empowers you most.

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Sessions for Children 

This therapy lends itself easily to children and young adults. Most children respond well and enjoy their balances.
Your therapist will hold an Enhanced DBS certificate. A responsible adult will need to remain present.

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Couples Balancing 

This lovely session brings balance between individuals. Good for couples and partnership of all kinds.

In all sessions, the initial consultation takes 90 minutes, subsequent sessions 60 minutes. Sessions may be indicated more or less frequently, but usually around 1 session a month. Frequency can decrease with improvements in any issues.

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Healing Difficult Relationships

This can often be a stand-alone single session, to address a specific circumstance or set of circumstances. Using muscle memory, Chinese 5 Element emotions and combinations of emotional stress release, this balance helps transform the familiar, sometimes uncomfortable, dance between two people, allowing new responses and new possibilities – both ways!

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Specialist Personal Mentoring

Your Personal Mentor undertakes to help you succeed in your professional and personal development. They use their knowledge and experience to help you overcome challenges and navigate unfamiliar situations. They empower you to decide actions that will get you where you want to go and help you to construct manageable ways of completing these actions. A Mentor will offer support, possibilities and contacts . For any new ventures, crossroads in life or simply “stuckness”, where you find yourself repeating old unwanted patterns, mentoring can release new possibilities.

Sessions can take place via video link – accessible wherever you are.

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Each individual session is unique, crafted using a combination of modalities, skills and remedies. Most balance will be reached using acupressure touch, vibrational remedies and dialogue.

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