Alignment through colour, sound and more..

Vibrational Healing

This 2-day workshop weaves together all the magic you have – any therapy or healing you already know. You will learn a structure and soft protocol to craft a unique therapy session incorporating anything from your personal “tool box”

You will use kinesiology techniques such as hand modes, stacking in circuit, building context.

You will develop sensitivity to resonance in the body, using vibration to change physical, emotional and energetic reactions/responses to stimuli.

You will also learn to incorporate bio-magnets, aura-some and other colour therapy and sound (including bell, bowl, drum, voice, tuning forks)
This could change the way you work.

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Vibrational Healing


 14/15 March 2020 Surrey, nr Heathrow SOLD OUT

Next UK dates: 28/29 April 2020

Next Europe date 21/22 November 2020 Neneagh, Ireland €350


    *Prerequisite TFH 4